Sequoia Speed Flex Protection Motorcycle Gloves


Gloves Made for the city, most protection ..

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Sequoia speed provides you with a fantastic opportunity merger between models travel, which resulted in the new flex. Same level of protection while preserving the quality and elegance own gloves to motorized who demand only the best. Triple layer cowhide for added protection against abrasion and strong climates. Puncture resistant, with carbon protection on the knuckles and greater coverage and protection gel wrist level, which have a tough velcro closure for better fit.

Flex Gloves


  • Drive protected with style and confort perfect both for road travel long distances as for everyday use. Made from highly durable materials, waterproof, and breathable inner thermal liner 100% to ensure comfort in driving. With removable thermal lining, are very versatile and comfortable jackets, in different weather conditions. Feature kevlar level 3 security on shoulders, elbows and back for protection against blows to fall.
  • Excellence all our products exceed the ordinary rules of production outfits for motorcyclists. For this reason, our main north is to keep levels of excellence on all our products as well as service we provide to our customers.
  • Innovation current demand for gloves, jackets, pants and shoes, drives us every day to keep innovating and anticipating market trends, as are our users who motivate us to create products hithert unknown and unprecedented.
  • Quality our products do not leave room for comparison, since the standards of production and satisfy the expectations of our customers and, mostly, exceed them.
  • Originality sequoia speed products intended primarily the new manufacturing building with its own identity, to stay away as possible from what is known and to birth to innovative works that have not been designed above.


Jeffrey A. Hopkins Jr. 09/17/2015

Great fit

Very well made gloves. The wiper blade on finger suprisingly comes in handy.

infanteronald 09/17/2015

Love it!

Love the wipers,

Terry Kinney 09/17/2015

Otherwise they feel great and seem protective from road rash

Sizes run small, order a size larger than normal. Otherwise they feel great and seem protective from road rash.

James Marker 09/17/2015

Nice glove, nice price, sizing way off

I rated this transaction three stars because of the very inaccurate sizing of these gloves. I ordered size large ( I wear Medium to Large in all gloves I own), these gloves were so tight I had to struggle to get my hand in one and then I couldn't grip they were so small. When I contacted the seller to try to get the glove in X-Large, they said they didn't have any in that size and offered me a different model (same price) in X-Large. I returned the gloves last week and just yesterday received a notice that the replacements have been shipped. Hopefully the X-Large will fit. I realize that the sizing of the gloves is not a function of the retailer, however they should be aware of sizing standards and offer some warning to order gloves a size larger. With the original shipping cost and the return shipping, I now have $12 invested so the the great price of $39 is not so great anymore. The gloves did appear to be well made and of good material at least they didn't bust at the seams when I finally got my hand in one.

Brandon Galizzo 09/17/2015

Sequoia Speed Gloves: An Honest Review

First off, I love these gloves. Had them for two months and am really satisfied!

THE GOOD: These are very good quality gloves that make you feel secure when riding with them. Strong and stylish, I definitely wouldn't want to get punched by someone wearing these! The knuckle guards don't get in the way of your hand like some other gloves do, and the hard plastic that they're made of can also be found on the fingers as well for added protection I was not expecting. There is soft padding on the wrist and palm area that would definitely save your hand some grief in the event of a crash. If you're going for secure protection, look no further.

THE OKAY: At speeds of 75 mph and up, you'll feel the wind chill in your fingers because the fingers aren't all leather. The sides of the fingers are made of some kind of cloth material; the leather is reserved for the front and back of the fingers. Great for hot weather, but I could see my hands getting cold pretty quickly in the winter on long trips.
The wiper on the left finger does work in a pinch while you're on the road to get rid of some of the bigger debris that hits your visor, mainly bugs. Keep in mind, however, that it's not the gloves' responsibility to get rid of the smears that the guts of the bugs leave behind. Take care of that at home.
The stitching isn't the absolute best, but for the price, don't expect it to be. After a few months, some of the white stitching is beginning to fray and come loose. The gloves AREN'T falling apart though, it's mostly an aesthetic issue. Same goes for the cloth material at the tips of the fingers.

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Sequoia Speed Flex Protection Motorcycle Gloves

Sequoia Speed Flex Protection Motorcycle Gloves

Gloves Made for the city, most protection ..

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